The Chalice – July 2024


Jeff Dixon, Ann Klinck, Bill Ratcliffe (Chair), Michael Somerton and Lori Turner-Otte are members of the 2024 UU Pride Celebrations Committee. Unitarian Universalists have been participating as allies of the 2SLGBTQA+ community in Pride Celebrations, for many years. For more information, contact Bill Ratcliffe at or at 519-471-7500.

The 2024 Pride London Festival is July 12-21. The UU Pride Booth in Victoria Park is from July 19- 21. The Pride Parade, starting at 12:00 pm., is on Sunday, July 21. The staging area is in the Western Fair District parking lot. For the second year, there will be two Pride Worship Services. On Sunday, July 14, there will be a joint Pride Worship Service with Christa Duvall of PFLAG and Elliot Duvall of Trans-London. A PFLAG/Trans-London bbq on our Meeting House grounds will follow the Worship Service. A brief Pride Worship Service will be held at 10:00 am (note start time change), prior to walking in the Pride Parade on Sunday, July 21. Please mark these important dates on your calendar.

Please sign up for the Pride Booth and the Pride Parade on Sunday mornings or contact Bill Ratcliffe. Great crafts are being planned for the UU Pride table. Share the joy of Unitarian Universalism. As usual, there will be refreshments prior to the start of the Parade and water available, as necessary, during the Parade. Be sure to wear sensible footwear, hat, sunscreen and bring your own water. There will be some new UU T-shirts to wear and of course, Rockets to hand out.

Look for the Progressive flag hanging in the front window of the Meeting House. Catch the Happy Pride feeling.

In closing, remember the words from Anonymous,”When you reduce life to black and white, you never see the rainbows.” Answer the call of love and join the 2024 Pride Celebrations.

Bill Ratcliffe,


Pride Celebrations Committee

From your Director of Congregational Life

Here’s hoping you all have a great summer. There will be evensong (or less formal) services at the fellowship this summer starting on the 30th of June and ending at Labour Day Weekend. We hope to start the 2024/25 program on September 8 with a barbecue or pot luck or both. 

I am still trying to work out my internship. Rabbi Brian Mayer from Religion Outside the Box will take me on as an intern to assist in his interesting on-line ministry if that is approved by the ministerial society. The idea with Linda Thomson who so graciously agreed to supervise me in expanding pastoral care is still on the table and I will be discussing this as well. My last 3 classes at seminary will be finished this year before Christmas.

We are gearing up for Pride Celebrations and I invite you to take part in the parade and booth. For the first time we will have a table at the July 1 celebration at the East London Lions Club. Please sign up to be a part of this as well.

LUSO has changed the date of its forum for people immigrating to Canada to July 30th, so please plan to attend – it should be very valuable and while we are talking about LUSO, we are collecting for their pantry for people who need food and other items. 

Please have a safe and satisfying summer! Contact me if you wish at 519-859-1640.

Lori Turner Otte

Director of Congregational Life

Sunday Services

July 2024

The Body’s Energies

Service Leader - Bob Harrington

To realise our goal as Universalists for salvation or enlightenment it is important to understand the energies that control our bodies.

There are five primary ones. They can be listed as the electromagnetic, the gravitational, and the weak and strong atomic forces. These four are accepted by science but the fifth and I think the most important that we need to learn about is the life force, called Prana in the teachings of yoga.

Exercises that stimulate the flow of Prana balance and enhance the flow of energy through our system increasing our well-being and giving meaning and purpose to life.

07 Jul
10:45 am - 11:45 am
Unitarian Fellowship of London
557 Clarke Road,London, ON N5V 2E1

Stories of Pride

This Second Annual Joint Pride Worship Service is with PFLAG and Trans-London. Stories are an important way of striving for a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. In UU Worship, we hold up that which is worthy. The Service will be followed by a Bbq from 12:30 pm - 4 pm. Highlights are: hotdogs, veggie dogs, outdoor games, face painting, colouring, an opportunity to enter in for a door prize and last but not least, a drag queen story time. Happy Pride!

14 Jul
10:45 am - 10:45 pm
Unitarian Fellowship of London
557 Clarke Road,London, ON N5V 2E1

Pride Celebrations: Dare to be Unitarian Universalist

Note: Pride Parade Service early start : 10:am

During this shortened Pride Worship Service, various ways of living our Unitarian Universalist faith will be explored in the context of Pride celebrations. What really matters as we answer the call of love. Dare to be Unitarian Universalist. Happy Pride!!!

Dialogue questions:

  1. What does dare to be Unitarian Universalist mean to you?
  2. How can our Unitarian Universalist faith community grow in supporting the 2SLGBTQ-community?
21 Jul
10:45 am - 11:45 am
No event found!

Upcoming Events

women's lunch table

Soup Siblings’ Luncheon

Join us on the second Monday of the month at Edgar and Joe’s at the Goodwill downtown at 255 Horton St. Don't worry about arriving late; just come in and join our table.(Note: Goodwill offers senior discounts in their store this day.)

08 Jul
12:00 pm
Edgar and Joe’s at the Goodwill Downtown
255 Horton St
No event found!