Unitarian Fellowship of London

Challenge the Mind. Nourish the Spirit. Act in the World.

Stained Glass window of a chalice surrounded by a starburst

We are a free thinking and progressive faith community.​

Unbound by creed or dogma, we are guided by the common values expressed in our 8 Unitarian Universalist principles.​

Stained glass window of a tree with a rainbow behind it

Each person needs the freedom to walk their own path in search of truth and meaning.

We support and respect each person’s journey within an accepting and loving community. We are a welcoming congregation.

Stained glass of people holding hands with a dove overhead

We are all connected. Our actions matter.

We believe that how you live your life matters more than what or who you believe in. We are called upon to respect our planet and help create a peaceful, free and just society for all.

Stained glass with multiple faiths shown

We believe wisdom comes from many sources.

We encourage and value questions. We recognize there isn’t only one answer to life’s mysteries.

We Meet On Sunday

Our Service starts at 10:45am every week, throughout the year

Join Us In Person

Meet us at our physical location at 557 Clarke Road in London Ontario.

Or Join Via Zoom

Meeting ID: 856‍ 6457‍ 9696
Passcode: ‍752712

We're a CUC welcoming congregation badge

You Are Welcome Here!

We are designated a Welcoming Congregation. This means we have worked hard to make sure lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people are full members of our faith community. Being welcoming means striving for radical inclusion, and creating spaces that honour every part of our identities, backgrounds and experiences.

Book Your Ceremony

Our Lay Chaplain is licensed in Ontario to perform weddings. He is also trained to conduct memorials, child naming ceremonies, and blessings for other rites of passage.

Rent Our Space

Our spaces are available to book for events, classes and regular meetings. (eg. receptions, youth groups, support groups, dance, yoga)

Donate to UFL

As a self-supporting congregation we welcome and appreciate the support we receive from our members and friends.