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Our Lay Chaplain

Our lay chaplains perform rites of passage for non-members and for non-Unitarians. Our lay chaplains are neither ministers nor counselors but are members of the Unitarian Fellowship of London. They are approved and registered by the Canadian Unitarian Council and are provincially licensed. Our lay chaplains recognize that different people have different needs and preferences and will work with you to create a meaningful ceremony at the place of your choice. They will recognize and honour your beliefs and wishes. They will meet with you ahead of time and help you to plan a ceremony or ritual that meets with your expectations.

People often choose a Unitarian lay chaplain to officiate their ceremonies when their values and beliefs no longer fit with traditional religious perspectives. For example, many same-sex couples, interfaith couples, and previously divorced couples choose us to help them celebrate their weddings

Brian Keith joined the Unitarian Fellowship of London in 2017 after participating in congregations in London, Toronto, Ottawa, England and Scotland. He was raised in the Presbyterian faith in rural Ontario and had a forty year career as a technical writer focussing mostly on high technology. Since retiring Brian is focussing on what is most important in his life – relationships, the meaning of ceremonies to mark significant life passages, and the need for social harmony.


Brian Keith

Brian is licensed in Ontario to perform wedding ceremonies and has been trained to conduct funeral and child naming ceremonies.

The Unitarian Fellowship of London has a large and beautiful sanctuary and gorgeous gardens available to book.

We also have fully equipped kitchens and smaller suitable spaces depending upon the number of guests expected.

These spaces can be rented separately and must be booked well in advance to ensure availability.

There are fees for the ceremonies conducted. These are discussed in advance with the lay chaplain. The current fee for services is $350.00, with the exception of baby blessings, child dedications and coming of age ceremonies which are $150.00 each.

We are a Unitarian Universalist Congregation. We are a pluralistic religious community of free-thinkers who value diversity, equality and intellectual curiosity. We gather together to challenge the mind, nourish the spirit and act in the world.

As individuals and families we congregate to search for truth and meaning, and celebrate both the awe and mystery in our lives. Social justice, environmental and democratic principles, peace and compassion, are integral to our liberal religious community.

We welcome fellow seekers on our journey! You are welcome to attend a Unitarian Fellowship of London Sunday service in the near future to get a sense of our religious perspective.