The Chalice – August 2023

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Finding Our Way

At our annual congregational meeting on June 17th, I was re-elected as Board President, and now head up a talented and energetic Board, aided by our many volunteers and staff members. We have lots of wonderful things to celebrate, even as we’re taking time to enjoy (or endure) our interesting summer weather.

The Worship Weavers committee decided not to hold services on long weekends this summer, but the programs they’ve arranged have been terrific. Services have been well attended, with many guests. Organizers of the association for parents of lesbians and gays (Pflag) led a fulfilling session on gay rights, and this group, along with Trans London, hosted a barbeque for our members. 

Our Fellowship made a strong showing at the Pride London weekend, with a noisy band of members marching and staffing our information table at Victoria Park.

Next month, the UFL will celebrate 70 years of continuous presence in London. Lori Turner-Otte and Candas Whitlock are planning a festive celebration on Sunday, September 10. We hope to see you then. Our vegetable garden continues to bequeath tasty organic produce, and members’ donations are aiding the London Food Bank.

In conjunction with our “location assessment” effort, a well-received town hall meeting occurred at the end of July, with several new volunteers coming forward to assist.

Your Board has been meeting regularly through the summer, and among other activities, we’re consolidating some committee and team structures to rebalance workloads and enable volunteers to develop new skills. Our Clarke Road premise continues to host community groups, so it’s increasingly a centre of activity and interest.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, and stay tuned for more fun mixed with spiritual development!

Brian Keith, for the UFL Board of Trustees

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Message from your Director of Congregational Life

I hope everyone is enjoying a great summer. We had a wonderful showing for Pride at both the parade and the booth. Thanks to all the amazing volunteers for making it happen and for Bill Ratcliffe for his leadership and guidance. 

I am finished my course on the early Christian history. Wow, there was a lot of arguments over doctrine back then,  and still now. Why can’t we just agree to disagree on some things? Loving others should be easy, but it’s actually one of the hardest things to do. I am reminded of my shortcomings in this area all the time. 

I intend to have RE meetings to plan the coming year, as well as an Adult RE planning meeting. Communications is well on the way to utilizing all the great talent we have rounded up. If you have interest and want to volunteer that would be great – just reach out.

With the current uncertainty around our building my plan to is to stay the course and keep things running as usual, maybe even better.  We have 6 new members so far this year. Welcome, and thanks for your contributions to our fellowship thus far.

I have two services this month back to back because of a scheduling glitch. Both topics are important to me and I am enjoying the research so far…..optimism and anger. 

Please feel free to contact me should you need anything and save the date of September 10th for our 70th anniversary celebration. We will have a shortened service, a potluck and cake outside and a couple of important dedications.  There may be games for the young and young at heart!

Sunday Services


Unitarian Universalism: A Positive Hybrid Faith

A Unitarian Universalist Congregation is clearly a positive hybrid faith community. Individual UU faiths are also positive hybrid faiths. A positive hybrid faith is predisposed to pluralism and an evolving faith. The importance of a positive hybrid faith and one of the more pivotal faiths in those hybrids, will be addressed in this Reflection.

20 Aug
10:45 am - 11:45 pm
Unitarian Fellowship of London
557 Clarke Road,London, ON N5V 2E1
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Upcoming Events

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Men’s Lunch Group – August

A warm welcome is extended to men within our Congregation who would like to join other Unitarian Universalist men for food and conversation on Monday, August 21 at 1:00 pm., at Edgar and Joe’s Cafe, 255 Horton St. E., London. The UU Men’s Lunch Group meets monthly for lunch, on the third Monday. As a […]
21 Aug
Edgar and Joe’s at the Goodwill Downtown
255 Horton St
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