Speaking Truth to Power

Worship Leader: Bill Ratcliffe

Speaking truth to power can be complicated and at the same time simple. Speaking truth to power has become more complicated as individuals and corporations blatantly lie to raise money either through advertisements or fundraising and to provoke violence.

Still an individual can simply speak truth to power. When someone uses the word woke as a universal pejorative, without being able to define it, say “ouch”. State that one positive meaning of universal is the “oneness of humanity”.

Go light on assumptions. Reflect on a source of information and then confirm, confirm, confirm. Become accustomed to paradox and uncertainty. Dare to be Unitarian Universalist.


  • What is your perspective on the concept of speaking truth to power.
  • For you, where does responsibility lie for speaking truth to power?
  • How can individual UUs strive to improve speaking truth to power?
  • How can UU Congregations strive to improve speaking truth to power?

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May 14 2023


10:45 am


Unitarian Fellowship of London
557 Clarke Road,London, ON N5V 2E1


Bill Ratcliffe
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