The Chalice – May 2024

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From the Director of Congregational Life.

Spring has Sprung! It is indeed tempting to want to plant too soon because the weather has been so beautiful. Twice we have been to the garden center to find a certain type of bush/flower and they said  “Sorry they won’t be in for 2 more weeks”

My houseguests Bonita and George,  via Beacon Unitarian Church in the New Westminster/Coquitlam area of Vancouver BC.,   have stayed for a week and decided to drive to Vancouver to live with her brother. It was lovely having them but 5 dogs, 5 cats, guinea pigs and a new litter of 9 kittens was quite a bit to juggle! Sorry they won’t be staying in London permanently and attending the UFL but it was a big move and they will be happy to be settled with family. 

Thank you again for supporting me as I taped sermons for my preaching class. They are all finished, and, in fact the semester will be over soon. It was interesting to look at the intersection of Christianity and Unitarian Universalism. I will be free this summer from classes and hoping with all my work experience at the UFL, the UUA Ministerial Credentialling Organization will let me waive the internship requirements. I have been with you for more than 10 years! Three more courses in the fall and I am finished my Masters of Divinity by Christmas!

Things continue to go well with changes made to communication. We have lots of new members and are attracting people through social media. The stewardship campaign also went very well and here’s hoping we keep up the momentum. Rentals seem to be increasing due to the hard work of many people.
We have the Rhubarb Fest to look forward to, as well as the summer Evensong services which are more informal and discussion based. But, I jump ahead too far, there are many exciting worship services planned for May and June so keep your ears open and attend what you may like! And a little bird told me that we may have a new, exciting piano soon, which will make it even more of a joy to belt out songs each week. Hopefully it will improve the zoom quality of music too. The Pride Parade will be a fun weekend and I hope you will join us on the parade route or in our booth.

As always please let me know of any questions or concerns that you may have. My virtual door is always open. Email, Phone 519 859-1640.

Sunday Services

Who is the Witness

service leader: Bob Harrington

This month’s theme is simply “witness”. Who is the witness?

When the mind through effort is able to feel itself to be the inner witness it has approached the border between the known and the unknown. It may be a long journey to realize. To go deeper would be pushing past the border. What happens then? In maintaining that position the mind discovers a deep stillness where all the thoughts and desires are integrated into oneness and it is at that point that expansion of awareness happens. At our meeting we will try to understand this more clearly.

05 May
10:45 am - 11:45 am
Unitarian Fellowship of London
557 Clarke Road,London, ON N5V 2E1

Thoughts on Goldie Emerson

Service Leader: David Winninger

Our speaker for May 26 is our own David Winninger who will be sharing thoughts and memories of the life of Goldie Emerson. Goldie has been a long time member here and used to speak occasionally for our worship services, as well as writing a weekly column in the Free Press. In his column he has borne witness to many moral, philosophical, and religious issues, frequently in the context of current affairs.

26 May
10:45 am - 11:45 am
Unitarian Fellowship of London
557 Clarke Road,London, ON N5V 2E1
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Upcoming Events

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