Unitarian Universalism

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In Unitarian Universalism, you can bring your whole self, your questions, your doubts, your beliefs and your loving heart.

We see the value in coming together, without one 'right' set of beliefs, and with conviction that history has given us many teachers. We do not ask you to check your personal background and beliefs at the door: we invite you to join with us on a journey that honours a variety of understandings.

Unitarianism and Universalism were, historically, liberal Christian traditions. Unitarianism began in the 16th century and valued religious freedom and thought. Universalism developed in the late 18th century and espoused the idea of a loving god who embraced all people.

Over time, these liberal religious ideas spread, evolved, morphed and merged into what is modern day Unitarian Universalism. Over time, our shared Principles that support “the free and responsible search for truth and meaning” have led us to embrace diverse teaching from Eastern and Western religions and philosophies.

Unitarian Universalism is a covenental faith rather than a creedal one. Rather than agreeing about what we believe together, we agree about how we will be together. Unitarian Universalists believe more than one thing. We think for ourselves, and reflect together, about the important and BIG questions:

We come together, with shared values, as expressed in our seven Principles to grow and learn together. We come together in worship services, in religious exploration programs, in our search for truth and meaning and the world we dream of. We invite you to visit us, to learn more about us, and to join with us in the journey.

If you want to learn more about Unitarian Universalism, please explore the links at the bottom of this page.

Our Unitarian Universalist Principles

As a member congregation of the Canadian Unitarian Council, we covenant to affirm and promote the following principles:

Our Unitarian Universalist Sources

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We believe wisdom comes from may sources. Worshipping in our congregation you may hear a reading or perspective shared from any one of these sources from which our living tradition is drawn:

For more information on Unitarian Universalism the following links will assist you:

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